Lash Extensions

Experts in Lash Extension Techniques

Eyelash Extensions is a long treatment that cannot be rushed. It’s important to do your research & find a well trained lash technician who will ensure your lashes are applied & separated correctly.
One of the many misconceptions of lash extensions is that they ruin your lashes. This is not true. Do your research when having your lashes done. Only if lash extensions are rushed & applied incorrectly will they damage your natural lashes.
Let’s talk about “Separation”
The good kind 😉
Separation is a key part of any lash application 💯 If eyelashes become stuck together during application and are not separated, this will cause stress on the natural lashes causing them to forcefully shed 😱
This could also cause long term permanent damage because when a lash sheds before reaching the end of its natural growth cycle, it can cause the hair follicle to shrink. As a result eyelashes will grow back thinner & weaker as the hair follicle shrinks over time. 😖
Our lash techs are trained to the highest standard and know that placement and separation of stuck lashes during application is an integral part of the eyelash extension procedure, not only to protect the health of the clients natural lashes but to ensure the best possible result for the client.

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